River Creek Farm


Get involved!

Help us kick off the inaugural season of our Farm! Click on the link below to read an open letter from owner/operators Jamie Dove and Elise Clair explaining what we're about, what we're offering, and how to contribute.

Open Letter from Us to You
  • River Front

    Nolichucky River front

  • Garden Beds

    Bed of heirloom tomatoes

  • Cabin

    River Creek Farm cabin

  • Wooded Area

    Wooded area on River Creek Farm

  • Farm Grounds

    Soil being prepared for seeding

Trust Your Food

River Creek farm is about investing in the local community and building trust in its food supply. We're here to spread the word on healthy choices, get people connected to their food sources, and offer opportunities to participate in the production of sustainable food.

We've found 4 acres of sandy loam thirty minutes from Johnson City; finally, the chance to create a food source for ourselves that we can trust. We'd like to share the product of this land with you all! This first season at River Creek Farm will be available to the East Tennessee region through a CSA program focused on gaining the support to get this project off the ground with full momentum.

To minimize the risk to our supply of quality, home-grown food, we are also looking to acquire 4+ acres of farm land outside of the flood plane as well as a few acres in Johnson City. This will help to ensure that in the case of flooding, all of our crops will not be affected.

What is CSA?

COMMUNITY SUPPORTED AGRICULTURE Gain direct access to fresh, locally grown produce! Members of a CSA are purchasing a "share" of produce from a local farm. Your pre-season investment allows the farmer to prepare for the upcoming season. With varying levels of commitment, you receive a weekly "share" of fresh vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers.

All-Natural Farming

While we believe in organic farming methods,we won't be seeking certification. Our approach is sustainable, and follows organic guidelines. Our land is special to us and its guests of the past thousand years; we will nurture our dirt and the ecosystem around it. You can get to know us and our methods here through the site as we grow.

Get a taste

Our biggest customer, The Main Street Pizza Company, just happens to be our other little food project. There you'll find we'll pay homage to the fresh, full flavor of local, natural harvest with seasonal dishes and drinks.

As we grow

Our immediate goals are to gain involvement from our community to get a head start on the quickly-approaching planting season. Your initial support will open opportunities as the season progresses through harvest. We're brainstorming a multitude of upcoming educational, recreational, and dining events to celebrate the community's support of this grow.